“Forlimpopoli” amphorae and Romagna wines


“Forum Popilii” is cited in historical and archaeological literature not only as one of the main Roman towns along the Emilian way, but also because it gives its name to a special type of amphorae known as “Forlimpopoli amphorae”. Easily recognized by their characteristic oval shape, ribbon-shaped handles, and flat base, which made them strikingly different from typical amphorae with pointed bases, these containers were manufactured in great quantities in various kilns throughout Romagna. They were made from the middle of the 1st century to the end of the 3rd, and were used mostly to transport wine. Studies have shown that in addition to Romagna, they were also found along the Adriatic coast and the eastern and north-eastern provinces of the Roman Empire, along the Danube to the Black Sea, and in the eastern Mediterranean. They were used mostly in wine-producing areas. Greek and Latin writers (Varro, Strabo, Columella, Pliny the Elder) often mentioned the productivity of Romagna’s vineyards and the quality of its wines, such as those made in Ravenna, Faenza, and Cesena.