From the Via Fondazza courtyard to Casa Morandi


Giorgio Morandi lived and worked in Bologna, at Via Fondazza 36, from 1910 to 1964. The vases, bottles, seashells, and furnishings from his studio, together with its personal library, were put back in their original places in 2009, when Casa Morandi opened to the public, as a way to replicate the artist’s set-up for painting from life. Morandi liked to admire the garden in his courtyard through the large window in his studio, and to draw them under a variety of light conditions. The courtyard’s walls were his horizon: much like the objects in his still lifes, he placed them side by side with the plant life peeking out from the eroded concrete. Morandi’s engravings were inspired by Rembrandt’s technique, and its ability to depict – through various degrees of shading – the way the light shifts in microcosms, such as a garden in the shade.