Parma’s landscape


“Perhaps because he instinctively understood that the city could reflect the pulsating mystery of time only when removed from everyday events, transcribed from a slightly fantastic distance, and deserted as in a dream ” (Barocelli Lagazzi 2002). The painting depicts the Parma torrent, a tributary of the Po, the Verde bridge, and the Pilotta compound. It is one of Renzo Barilli’s countless paintings of this same subject, portrayed in various seasons and under different weather conditions, as seen from Barilli’s home, which was located in Via delle Fonderie by the entrance to the Ducal Park, and overlooked the torrent. This watercourse was an endless source of inspiration for the painter, as was the imposing Pilotta compound, bathed in light. Renzo Barilli’s landscapes are nearly always free of human figures, still and silent, as if they were trying to achieve a fantastic, dream-like vision of nature and the city. Zoni’s painting is a tribute to nature, as seen and filtered through his interior dimension: the torrent and the lush vegetation along its banks are set in an urban landscape typified by modern infrastructure and buildings imbued with extraordinary luminosity. Peroncini’s painting was also emotionally charged, but his poetics were inspired by American abstract expressionism. With his very sparse use of colour and sign, he gives shape to his dramatic, immaterial idea of the city