The Rocca’s kitchen


This kitchen, with its well, kneading trough, cupboard, table, and the pantry with a press and other tools, was used for an aristocratic residence after the fortress was renovated by Lorenzo Campeggi, the cardinal who purchased the Rocca di Dozza in 1529: a room on the piano nobile, identified in an inventory as “Count Lorenzo’s room”, is decorated with a frieze with grottesche from his era. The Bologna-born Campeggi, a legal scholar, was a leading figure at the Holy See. A widower, he became an ecclesiastic under the tutelage of Julius II and was sent on diplomatic missions. The cardinal met the great chef Bartolomeo Scappi in 1536, when he entrusted him with preparing a memorable banquet in honour of Charles V. Scappi however had never been in this kitchen, making breaded veal, a dish with ingredients from the New World, a diet meal, or giving instructions to improve food hygiene, all things for which the ‘chef to the popes’ and the author of the Opera dell’arte di cucinare became famous.

Photo credits: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri and Dozza Città d’Arte Archive.