Traces of Valmarecchia: meetings and memories


“Traces of Valmarecchia: experiencing cultures, landscapes, images, and flavours”, selected as part of the third edition of the “I love cultural heritage” competition of ideas (2013-2014) is a project that involved 10 municipalities in the Valmarecchia area and three schools, with the support of the Museum on the Folk Customs of Romagna. The students were appointed “ambassadors” of the Valmalenchia, and designed itineraries modelled after the ‘traces’ they identified as part of the project.

Students from the “Tonino Guerra” high school in Novafeltria, the “Marco Polo” tourism institute in Rimini, and the “Padre Olivieri” comprehensive school in Pennabilli were involved in five day-long field trips, an experimental food and wine workshop, meetings with local experts, and walks to discover local attractions.

On the basis of the information they collected, the students devised several thematic itineraries, a book of local recipes, a T-shirt with the “Traces of Valmalereccia” logo, the website and a collection of their essays, photos, and videos.