An archaeological exhibition staged in the museum, and focusing on food consumption in the Etruscan area, particularly in the Etruscan city of Marzabotto- Kainua.
The exhibition is organized in several sections. Beginning with issues related to food consumption in ancient times, it explores the use of natural resources in the Iron Age; the use of water, oil, and wine; and the way food was consumed through everyday tableware and other items. The exhibition ends with a look at the symbolic aspects of food through a symposium table set, the tradition of banquets in Etruria, and the cult of Dionysius-Fufluns, the god of wine.

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National Etruscan Museum “Pompeo Aria” – Marzabotto


17 May 2015 - 10 January 2016


National Etruscan Museum “Pompeo Aria” – Marzabotto

Via Porrettana Sud, 13, Marzabotto, Bologna, Italy