To conclude the SEMI project, the Museum is dedicating the afternoon to celebrating its 130th anniversary, from its founder Don Francesco Renzi to the culinary traditions of the time.
The initiative also provides an opportunity to launch the book “Museo e Biblioteca Renzi. Storia e personaggi” edited by Andrea Antonioli and Fiamma Lenzi, with a guided visit to the museum.
The day ends with dinner at the “Belvedere Rigoni” restaurant in San Giovanni in Galilea, with a menu inspired by local 19th century cuisine.
Children will enjoy a workshop titled “The museum’s recipe book”, featuring dishes from Roman times to the Malatesta era, and from our grandparents’ days to the present.
Everyone is invited to contribute their own favourite recipe, and one from their grandparents.

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From 5 pm

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Renzi Museum – San Giovanni in Galilea


25 October 2015


Renzi Museum – San Giovanni in Galilea

Via Giacomo Matteotti, 27, 47030 San Giovanni In Galilea FC, Italia