The Magi ‘900 Museum is located in a grain silo built in 1932-33. The building was originally a village barn for the common storage of grain. Nowadays the museum still keeps its meaning as a place to preserve a “nourishing” wealth for society .
An exhibition design on the topic of food preservation is currently proposed with the purpose of connecting grain to art, as a metaphor of “intellectual nourishment”.
On the occasion of the EXPO several exhibitions linked to this topic will be set up dealing with the idea of food in our contemporary society. Throughout the rooms of the permanent collection an ideal path will also be developed with artistic comments and literary “Recipes”.

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Magi '900 Museum


16 May 2015 - 31 October 2015


Magi '900 Museum

Via Rusticana, 1, Pieve di Cento, 40066 BO, Italy

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