During the European Night of the Museums, Palazzo Romagnoli extends its opening hours. At 9pm Elisa Garavini presents a thematic journey through some works of the collection “The Work in the Fields in the Verzocchi Collection”.

Verzocchi himself, as businessman in the refractory materials, commissioned the paintings of the collection to sixty-two artists imposing some conditions: the theme, the size and the insertion of a refractory brick with the inscription “V & D”, initials of the company partners.

These works provide an image of Italy right after the war.

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The guided tour starts at 9 pm

Organised by

Musei Civici di Forlì


16 May 2015


Palazzo Romagnoli – Forlì

Via L. Albicini, 12, Forlì, 47121 FC, Italia

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