To mark the centenary of the birth of the Forlì-born artist Gino Mandolesi, Palazzo Romagnoli offers the general public access to all his works present in the Municipal Art Gallery’s twentieth-century collection. They are grouped together in the temporary exhibition room on the museum’s first floor, which until just a few days ago hosted the exhibition entitled “Art in the Trenches”, with the watercolours of Maceo Casadei.
As well as the two “still life” paintings, which can already be seen in the section called “La Grande Romagna” on the first floor of the building, it will also be possible to admire until 13th December 2015 three paintings (including “Portrait of the young Gabriella”, the daughter of the artist Irene Ugolini Zoli, donated to the municipal art gallery by the heirs of Mandolesi) and some sketches (such as the watercolour ink drawing with the “Self Portrait”, that was donated to the community of the Forli by the famous artist Gianna Nardi Spada).
In addition to these pieces, which date from the latter period of work of the artist, who died prematurely at the age of forty, are three splendid “Landscapes” from Forlì’s public collections: two from the Province of Forlì-Cesena building and one from the seat of the Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì bank.

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Palazzo Romagnoli – Forlì


8 July 2015 - 13 December 2015


Palazzo Romagnoli – Forlì

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