The afternoon begins with a guided multi-sensorial visit to the Roman section of the Renzi Museum, where the items on display show typical local products from the Roman era.
The visit is followed by a conference on “The foods of ancient Rome” by Maria Grazia Maioli.
Children will be able to participate in a workshop titled “Food in Roman art”, inspired by the paintings and mosaics that decorated the dining halls in Roman homes.
The event ends at the “La Cagnona” Restaurant in Borghi where, much like in an ancient symposium, participants will be able to enjoy typical dishes and delicacies from ancient Rome.

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From 5.30 pm
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Renzi Museum – San Giovanni in Galilea


21 June 2015


Renzi Museum – San Giovanni in Galilea

Via Giacomo Matteotti, 27, 47030 San Giovanni In Galilea FC, Italia