Birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi – Roncole Verdi

Via della Processione, 1
43010 – Roncole Verdi, Busseto (PR)

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The home where Giuseppe Verdi, the son of Carlo Verdi and Luigia Uttini, was born on 10 October 1813, is located in Roncole, now known as Roncole Verdi, in the municipality of Busseto.

It is a modest building, which contains no real mementos, but it keeps attracting crowds of tourists and music lovers from all over the world.

The home, which was declared a national monument, was recently restored on the occasion of the bicentennial of the composer’s birth. Its interior had already been renovated by the architect Pierluigi Cervellati in 2001, as part of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Verdi’s death in Milan in 1901.

The rooms, which no longer have their original furniture and furnishings, were outfitted in a minimalist but evocative style, with the goal of hinting at how the rooms may have originally looked, with a grocery store and tavern on the ground floor, and the Verdi family’s living quarters, including the room where the composer was born, on the first floor.

The former stables, stockroom, and cellar can also be visited. A multi-media itinerary has been inaugurated recently.

In spite of the ravages of time, the Roncole home maintains an austere charm thanks to its extreme simplicity and the history it is steeped in.