Alberoni College – Piacenza

Via Emilia Parmense, 67

29100 Piacenza

0523 577011

The College, that has existed as a Charitable Institution operating as a seminary since the last century, was established by Cardinal Giulio Alberoni (1664-1752) to train poor seminarists; it was first opened in 1751 in the old Hospital of Saint Lazarus. Here a part of the cardinal’s collections are exhibited. Cardinal Alberoni was a key figure in the policies of the Farnese family, and he arranged the marriage between Philip V and Elisabetta Farnese.

Among the artistic objects from the collections of Cardinal Alberoni, that were previously kept in the Roman palaces and in the cardinal’s Piacenza residence, there are important works by Antonello da Messina (Ecce Homo), Dughet, Cerquozzi, Courtois, Mola, Reni, Giordano, Gaulli, Solimena, Ceruti, Pannini, Ferrari, as well as a number of Flemish paintings by Bouts, Provost, Mabuse, de Blés, a unique collection in our region. Of equal importance is the collection of Flemish tapestries, divided into three series: the Priam series (15th century), that was woven for the marriage of Maximilian of Habsburg with Mary of Burgundy; the Aeneas and Dido series (17th century) based on cartoons by Gian Francesco Romanelli; the Alexander the Great series (17th century), based on cartoons by Jacob Jordaens.