“Giovan Battista Martini” Conservatory – Bologna

Piazza Rossini, 2
40126 –  Bologna

051 221483

In 1804 the Philharmonic Lyceum of Bologna opened its doors in the former convent of San Giacomo Maggiore. It would eventually become the “Giovan Battista Martini” Conservatory.

One of the school’s first teachers was the composer Stanislao Mattei, a pupil of Father Martini. New rules in 1839 introduced the figure of an “honorary perpetual consultant”, which role was also played among others by Gioachino Rossini. The Lyceum’s directors included Marco Enrico Bossi, Ferruccio Busoni, Franco Alfano and Cesare Nordio, who was director between 1925 and ‘45. Starting in 1942 the municipal lyceum became a state conservatory.

The Conservatory owns a collection of music instruments and a modern library. The ancient collections, such as the exceptionally important collection of books that had belonged to Father Martini, were recently moved to the International Music Museum and Library after the signing of an agreement between the Conservatory and the Municipality of Bologna.