Ettore Guatelli Museum Foundation – Ozzano Taro di Collecchio

Via Nazionale, 130
43046 – Ozzano Taro Collecchio (PR)

0521 333601

The museum is housed in some rural buildings within the Bellafoglia farmstead in Ozzano Taro. It displays the extraordinary collection of objects related to rural life put together by Ettore Guatelli (Collecchio 1921- 2000).

A self-taught intellectual and a friend to the poet Attilio Bertolucci, Guatelli, an elementary school teacher, was interested in objects as testimonials of human history, and fascinated by their narrative and communication potential.

His collection comprises a whopping 60,000 items, displayed so as to cover every available space on the walls of his home or crammed into courtyards, storerooms, former barns and stables. The objects are neither rare nor precious; instead, they are everyday items, often time-worn and repaired. A tour through this unique museum consists of visiting a series of rooms brimming with stuff: toys, shoes, glass baubles, sickles, boxes, watches, plates, soup bowls, umbrellas, wooden wheels, votive items, clothes, shovels, and much more besides.

The museum also features an interesting collection of musical instruments associated with the traditional folk music of Emilia’s Apennines. It comprises ancient instruments such as hurdy-gurdies, penny whistles, and müsa and piva bagpipes. There are also accordions and large shells that were used in the mountains for long-distance communication. Finally, the collection holds several miniature instruments played by the trained monkeys that in early 20th century accompanied wandering street performers coming from small towns in the Parma Apennines, such as Bedonia and Tarsogno.

The museum is currently a Foundation, established in 2003, that includes the Province of Parma, which purchased the Guatelli collection in 2002, the municipalities of Collecchio, Fornovo, and Sala Baganza, the Fondazione del Monte, and the University of Parma.