Vero Stoppioni Contemporary Art Gallery – Santa Sofia

Viale Roma, 5A

47018 Santa Sofia  FC

0543 975428

The Art Gallery dedicated to Vero Stoppioni was inaugurated in 1990 to house the paintings collected during the various editions of the Campigna Award. It is housed in an early-20th century building, whose architecture harmoniously complements the contemporary art works. The collection showcases some of the most significant Italian artistic currents from the 1950s to the present day: Neo-realism, Pop Art, Informal Art, Abstract Art, Nouvelle Figuration, up to the latest trends.

The Gallery reserves a special place for Mattia Moreni, who participated in various editions of the Campigna Award and established a close relationship with Santa Sofia.

An outdoor sculpture garden associated with the Stoppioni Gallery features works by renowned artists. It is located along the Bidente river.