Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery – Piacenza

via San Siro, 13

29100 Piacenza

0523 320742

The Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery documents the evolution of figurative art in Italy between the Romantic Era and the early 20th century, without overlooking some significant examples from abroad. Ricci Oddi amassed an exemplary collection in terms of its overall homogeneity and the quality of the individual works. He was interested in regional schools – whose particular characteristics he understood – and movements (Novecento Italiano, Lombardy’s Scapigliatura, and Symbolism) and he wanted the museum’s rooms to reflect this order. The museum displays works by artists such as Fattori, Boldini, Hayez, De Nittis, Carrà, Boccioni, Zandomeneghi and Medardo Rosso. Particularly noteworthy is the building by the architect Giulio Ulisse Arata, who designed it in order to showcase the collection, with bright geometric spaces and an innovative natural lighting from above.