Bologna Musei – City Art Collections

Piazza Maggiore 6

40121 Bologna

051 2193631

Since 1936, the former quarters of the papal legate display works from the 13th to the early 20th centuries (Vitale da Bologna, Francia, Tintoretto, Gentileschi, Nuvolone, Cagnacci, Burrini, Crespi, Gandolfi, Hayez, Savini, and Morelli), furnishings and decorations, and Aemilia Ars lace. The museum houses the legacy of the former Gonfaloniere gallery and donations to the Senate of Bologna (17th-18th centuries). Its core collection includes 18 paintings by Donato Creti donated to the Senate of Bologna in 1744 and works by Pelagio Palagi and from his collection, purchased in 1860 and currently parcelled out among several of Bologna’s institutes. It boasts splendid views over Piazza Maggiore and the surrounding city, and is a source for the city’s heraldry, historical iconography and information on the architectural restoration that took place between the 19th and 20th centuries.