Rimini City Museums – Museum of the City

Via Luigi Tonini, 1

47921 Rimini

0541 793851

The Museum of the City is housed in the 18th century Jesuit College. The garden hosts the Roman lapidarium, the original core collection from the recently completed archaeological section, which traces the history of human settlement in the area from prehistory to late antiquity. The decorated geometric floor mosaic, representative of the Roman era and late antiquity, is the main highlight of the lapidarium. Other noteworthy items include a rare polychrome glass painting and the largest known set of surgical tools from antiquity, discovered in the Surgeon’s Domus, the ideal continuation of a visit to the museum, as it is only a short walk away. The medieval and modern sections include works from the 14th century Rimini school, masterpieces from the Malatesta era, paintings by 17th century artists including Guercino, Cagnacci and Centino and ending with René Gruau’s advertising artwork.