Museums of Palazzo dei Pio – Carpi

Piazza dei Martiri, 68

41012 Carpi MO

059 6499361

The Museums of Palazzo dei Pio comprise the Museum of Palazzo dei Pio and the City Museum.

The Museum of Palazzo dei Pio is dedicated to Palazzo dei Pio’s art, architecture, and history, the Pio family’s rule, and the Renaissance court. It houses the most important of the museum’s collections, which blend in with the surroundings in which they are displayed: paintings, xylographs, ancient wooden pieces, and decorated ceramic pottery.

The City Museum documents the history of the Carpi area, and of the establishment and development of the town itself, from the first Terramare settlements (16th century BC) until the last century, and traces its environmental, social, economic, cultural, and urban development.