San Domenico Museums – Forlì

Piazza Guido da Montefeltro 12

47121 Forlì

0543 712659

The prestigious San Giacomo Apostolo compound, a former convent in San Domenico that has recently been renovated and restored, is the new home of the Art Gallery and Civic Museums. Works currently displayed therein are from the 12th to 18th centuries.

The right wing of the compound houses the most ancient works: the Tryptych by the Maestro di Forlì, paintings by Beato Angelico, the funeral monument of Beato Marcolino by Antonio Rossellino, Palmezzano’s large Crucifixion; the left wing houses works by Palmezzano, Baldassarre Carrari, and Francesco Zaganelli and paintings ranging from 16th century paintings from Romagna to Mannerism. Canova’s Hebe was transferred here in January 2009, on the occasion of exhibition titled Canova: the classic ideal between painting and sculpture.

The museum took part in the project titled “The hands tell what the eyes won’t say”, selected as part of the second edition of the “I love cultural heritage” competition of ideas (2012-2013).