Cervi Museum – Gattatico

Via Fratelli Cervi, 9

42043 Gattatico (RE)

0522 678356

The Museum is located in the rural home the Cervi family moved to in 1934.

The Cervi Museum has become a landmark for all who share the values of democracy and anti-fascism, thanks to the example provided by this family of tenant farmers, who participated in the Resistance and whose seven sons were executed by a fascist firing squad in 1943.

The process that transformed the house into a museum began in the 1950s, when thousands of visitors began to travel here to pay their respects, and ended in 2001 with the inauguration of the “Museum of the history of peasant movements and of antifascism and the Resistance in the countryside”. The house was restructured and refurbished, and it now illustrates the history of the Cervi family along with some more general aspects of 20th century history.