Civic Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology – Modena

Largo Porta S. Agostino 337

41121 Modena

059 2033100

The Civic Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology was founded in 1871. Its 19th century origin is showcased in the current layout, which has maintained the 19th century furniture and decorations essentially unchanged, a particularly remarkable feature on the Italian museum scene. The largest collection concerns the Terramare culture, ancient inhabitants of the Po Plain during the Bronze Age. There are also extensive Etruscan and Roman collections, including fine furnishings and decorations from wealthy patrician domus. The Roman Lapidarium in the atrium of the Palazzo dei Musei is an extension of the Roman section. The extra-European ethnography section includes items testifying to cultures that are now extinct or nearly so, with material from New Guinea, Pre-Colombian Peru, Asia, South America, and Africa.