Luigi Fantini Civic Museum of Archaeology – Monterenzio

The Monterenzio Museum of Archaeology, which was inaugurated in July 2000, owes its existence to the successful archaeological research carried out at Monte Bibele and Monterenzio Vecchio: it is noteworthy for displaying a wide range of material from the 4th and 3rd centuries BC documenting the migration and settlement of Celts from France in Italy. Weapons and parure items are precisely matched by items from France, Germany, and the Danube area. The presence of Etruscan engravings, Celtic and Magna Graecia coins, and Ligurian material proves to the ethnic complexity of the pre-Roman community in this part of the Apennines.

The museum also features a conservation-restoration laboratory, a classroom, and an outdoor archaeological and educational park. The Monte Bibele archaeological area – 15 km from the museum – can be visited and features information panels.