Civic Museum of the Local Territory – Ostellato

Strada del Mezzano, 14
44020 Ostellato (FE)

0533 681368

The Ostellato Civic Museum illustrates the evolution of Planet Earth and mankind, and traces the history of the relationship between humans and the natural environment, made of mutual influences and transformations. The exhibition, designed especially from the former Corte Valle barn, begins on the ground floor with a section on the evolution of the land and of mankind in the Po Plain, and continues on the first floor with a section on the history of the Po Delta and the changes in its landscape. A particularly excellent section deals with the Etruscan era and the town of Spina, beautifully evoking its everyday life. Interactive stations with maps, photos, videos, and text provide an important learning tool. A wide array of educational activities targeting children and adolescents includes guided tours, experimental workshops, and creative games.