Bologna Musei – Civic Museum of the Middle Ages

Via Manzoni 4

40121 – Bologna

051 2193930 - 2193916

The halls of the 15th century Palazzo Ghisilardi feature abundant evidence of Medieval life in Bologna, including the great statue of Boniface VIII by Manno Bandini da Siena (1301); the large 14th century English cope with stories from the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary, one of the best examples of opus anglicanum; and engraved tombstones of learned scholars and professors.

There is a broad selection of French and Italian ivory objects, precious Murano glassworks, valuable arms, and extensive, otherwise rare material documenting life at the Bentivoglio court. Large sections of the museum are dedicated to Renaissance bronze and baroque sculpture from Bologna, such as a model for Giambologna’s Neptune, and rare examples of illuminations from the 13th to 16th centuries made in Bologna.