Museum of the Castle – Formigine

Piazza Calcagnini

41043 Formigine MO

059 416145

Thanks to its over 800 years of history, the Castle of Formigine is a formidable “time machine”. The Museum and Documentation Centre is dedicated to this extraordinary voyage from the Middle Ages to the present day. It traces the history of the castle and its inhabitants, whose most important aspects were uncovered by archaeological studies carried out by Venice’s Ca’ Foscari University, including the discovery of the ancient church of S. Bartolomeo, the cemetery, and the late-Medieval burg, all of which preceded the establishment of the castle.

The narrative of the museum, which is located in the “rocchetta”, is inspired by the very places in which it is set. The scientific, yet captivating displays are made possible by the sensitive environments created by Studio Azzurro, which can be activated by a visitor’s mere presence or movement.