Vintage Records Museum – Sogliano al Rubicone

P.zza Garibaldi

47030 – Sogliano al Rubicone – (FC)

366 3023594

The Vintage Records Museum is housed in the 18th century Marcosanti-Ripa building. Purchased and renovated by the municipality of Sogliano in 2000, the building has been turned into a cultural venue and also hosts other interesting collections.

The Museum houses the extensive record collection put together over the years by Roberto Parenti and is devoted to the evolution of sound recording from its earliest days 1877, with the first phonographs and wax cylinders, to the current digital age.

The Museum boasts some veritable rarities, including a 1902 Berliner record with parts of the coronation of King Edward VII of England; another with the speech delivered by Italian King Umberto I as the Bersaglieri were leaving for China during the Boxer Rebellion; an original 78 rpm Wurlitzer jukebox from 1938; and a McIntosh MC-240 power amplifier from the 1960s.

Equally interesting for music fans are the vintage gramophones, rare 78 rpm records, picture discs, original Woodstock tickets, guitars autographed by Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and gold and platinum records by some of the world’s leading rock stars: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and The Rolling Stones.

Also of note is a collection of about 3,000 opera librettos and the 40,000 records (cylinders, 78, 33, 45, and 16 rpm) in the archives, which are currently being inventoried.

Finally, the museum holds record catalogues from leading record labels, sheet music from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, and thousands of photos of famous artists bearing autographs and dedications.