The Tomato Museum – Collecchio

Corte di Giarola

Via Giarola, 11

43044 Collecchio PR

333 2362839

Hosted in a historic food processing plant, the museum traces the history of the tomato from its arrival from the Americas in the 16th century to the first timid attempts to use it in cooking, its varieties and cultivation techniques, and its extraordinary diffusion in the Parma area in the 19th century, leading to the establishment of a major canning and processing industry.

Vintage photos and documents, rare videos, interactive screens and models, packages and can openers, curios, and recipes from great chefs help illustrate the history of this so-called “red gold” until its final triumph as a mainstay of Italian cuisine.

The Tomato Museum – which also organizes workshops for schools – is part of the Food Museums Network dedicated to the typical products of the province of Parma.