Museum of the City of Bobbio

Piazza Santa Fara

29022 Bobbio (PC)

340 5492188

The Museum of the City aims to serve as an introduction to the city of Bobbio, and to communicate ideas, concepts, and impressions that can help re-create the town’s historic and cultural context.

Housed in the former refectory, kitchen, and cellar of the San Colombano monastery, the Museum of the City is an educational museum – featuring a few original items – with a varied array of exhibits enhanced by audio-visual and multi-media stations. The museum is divided in three sections: the first traces the life of Colombano, from his early days in Ireland to his arrival in Bobbio, along with salient events in the city’s history; the second section describes the history and activities of Bobbio’s prestigious scriptorium, one of Europe’s most important in the Early Middle Ages; finally, the third section is dedicated to monasticism.