Museum of Peasant History and Life – Istituzione Villa Smeraldi – Bentivoglio

Via Sammarina, 35

40010 S. Marino di Bentivoglio (BO)

051 891050

Since 1973, Villa Smeraldi, surrounded by a marvellous park, has housed the collections of the Museum of Peasant History and Life that have been put together thanks to the Gruppo della Stadura Association: thousands of testimonies of life and work in the Bologna countryside, donated by farmers and former farmers.

The permanent exhibition “Farmers in the Bologna plain (1750-1950)” presents the issue of city-countryside relations from the rural point of view, and illustrates the history of the agricultural landscape in the Bologna area, the main crops, rural craftsmen, families, domestic life, and the colonial court. For over twenty years, the museum has provided educational services for schools and adults.

Since 1999, the museum is run by the Istituzione Villa Smeraldi, established by the Province of Bologna with the support of the municipalities of Bologna, Castel Maggiore, and Bentivoglio.