Maritime Museum – Cesenatico

Via Armellini, 18
47042 Cesenatico (FC)

0547 79205

The Maritime Museum is closely linked to the canal port, designed by Leonardo da Vinci, which runs through the town’s historic centre and houses the museum’s floating section, which was inaugurated in 1983 and features eleven traditional Adriatic vessels, three of which are still in operation in order to maintain traditional sailing techniques alive.

The land section was opened in 2005. Housed in a pavilion designed to recall ancient arsenals, it features evocative exhibits on traditional sailing in the upper and middle Adriatic. The displays are centred on two fully equipped traditional vessels (locally known, respectively, as trabaccolo and bragozzo). The first floor illustrates ship design and construction, while the second floor is dedicated to life at sea, fishing, sailing, and magic and religious symbols. Several short videos can be viewed, including 3D animations and vintage films.