Museum of Music – Pieve di Cento

c/o Ridotto del Teatro Comunale “Alice Zeppilli”

piazza Andrea Costa, 17

40066 – Pieve di Cento (BO)

051 6862 620

The Museum of Music is housed in a very evocative venue: the foyer of the Municipal Theatre, a renovated version of a previous 18th century theatre, inaugurated in 1856 and housed inside the town hall.

The recently refurbished Museum testifies to the town’s long musical history through sections highlighting its traditional bell towers and the town band, a major section on luthierie, and a room dedicated to the soprano Alice Zeppilli – whom the Theatre is named after – and her husband, the Pieve-born cello player Giuseppe Alberghini.

The Pieve town band was active from 1931, when it was first established, to 1999. It was an important reference point for musical education and also served as the Theatre’s orchestra. Its extensive archives include unpublished music and transcriptions.

The Pieve area is proud of its long-standing luthierie tradition, which is documented as early as the late 17th century with information on Michele Angelo Garani, who was born in Pieve and worked in Bologna. The tradition blossomed again in the late 19th century with Carlo Carletti and his helper Orsolo Gotti, who along with their children and relatives launched an extraordinary era of highly successful luthierie workshops in Pieve, Cento, Bologna, and Ferrara. Their instruments are still owned by musicians, collectors, and merchants, testifying to their quality and international renown. The gradual decline of the workshops did not extinguish their precious store of knowledge, which in 1982 was passed on to the Centopievese Art School, attended by hundreds of amateur luthiers.

In addition to instruments built in Pieve, the collection includes instruments built in the 1920s and 1930s by Luigi Mozzani (1869-1943), a concert musician, guitar teacher, composer, luthier, researcher, and experimenter from Faenza who opened a workshop in Cento in 1907.

The Zeppilli-Alberghini room features documents and other artefacts related to the artistic career of the soprano Alice Zeppilli (1885-1969). She performed her vast repertoire in Europe, South America, and the United States, where she married the Pieve-born Giuseppe Alberghini, first cello in the Philadelphia and Chicago Orchestra and in the Metropolitan Orchestra in New York City. She moved to Pieve di Cento for good in 1920.