Museum of Prehistory – San Lazzaro

Via F.lli Canova, 49

40068 San Lazzaro di Savena BO

051 465132

The Museum of Prehistory stands out thanks to its original contents and the deep links it establishes with the local territory’s outstanding natural and archaeological heritage, such as the Gessi Bolognesi, the Farneto cave and the Villanovian necropolis at Caselle.

It is divided into three main sections – Origins of the territory (geology, palaeontology, and karst topography of the Gessi Bolognesi area), Origins and evolution of man (from the Palaeolithic to the Bronze Age), The Villanovan civilization (Giovanni Gozzadini and the discovery of the Caselle necropolis) – which feature both original material and life-size, three-dimensional replicas of past landscapes, giving visitors a window into the past with great effectiveness and immediacy.

The park adjacent to the museum hosts the Preistopark, an educational journey through the extinct megafauna of the Apennines during the last Ice Age.