Pietro Lazzarini Museum of Arts and Crafts – Pianoro

Via del Gualando, 2

40065 Pianoro  BO


The Pietro Lazzarini Museum of Arts and Crafts, housed in a late 19th century barn, studies and collects material documenting the rural and artisanal culture of the Savena, Idice and Setta valleys, in the Apennine foothills of Bologna province. The displays, which revolve around dioramas, aim to reflect the traditions, lifestyles, and dialect of the Pianoro community. The museum’s exhibits are centred on the daily work of men and women, and are organized thematically: the rural home, artisanal activities, farm work, games, and puppet theatres.

The museum, inaugurated in 2007 and managed by Associazione Territorio e Civiltà dei Mestieri, provides educational services and opportunities for re-discovering the local area’s cultural identity.

The museum took part in the project “Folk medicine”, selected as part of the second edition of the “I love cultural heritage” competition of ideas (2012-2013).