Nonantola Museum

Via Marconi, 11

41015 Nonantola MO

059 896656

The Nonantola Museum is housed in the Torre dei Bolognesi, one of the town’s most important monuments, which dates back to 1307. The Museum’s four floors tell the tale of the town, following an inverted chronological order that starts from the contemporary era and ends with the Bronze Age, focusing on three key threads: the evolution of the town, changes in the landscape, and the development of the local community.

A wide range of material is on display: archaeological finds, documents, photographs, everyday objects, all of which originate from the Nonantola area. The exhibition ends on the top floor, which looks out over Nonantola and its constant activity and changes.

The museum took part in the project titled “The partecipanza agraria collective ownership system in Nonantola: a thousand years of history from archaeology to the environment”, selected as part of the third edition of the “I love cultural heritage” competition of ideas (2013-2014).