Diocesan museum and art gallery – Imola

The Palazzo del Vescovado houses the diocesan museum and art gallery in the rooms of the apartment of Pius IX (portrait gallery, throne room, bedroom), formerly the Bishop of Imola, of whom it also preserves a bust.

The collections were rearranged on occasion of the bicentennial of the pope’s birth in 1992. The collection consists of paintings, sculptures, silverware and liturgical furnishings, including the “Queen of Naples” chasuble, the dress of the Madonna of the Rosary, a processional cross, works in stone from the cathedral and the churches of the diocese, and illuminated manuscripts by the Bologna and Ferrara schools (13th–15th century). The principal pictorial works include a Virgin and Saints by Innocenzo da Imola (1516), the Mazzolana Madonna attributed to Lorenzo Veneziano (14th century), the Master of Valverde Madonna (1472), the Vivarini Madonna (14th century), detached frescoes by the school of Vitale da Bologna (14th century), a series of paintings produced between the 16th and 18th centuries by the Flemish, Emilian and Bologna schools, and other important artistic works made between the 11th and 20th centuries.