Renzi Museum – San Giovanni in Galilea

Via Matteotti, 27

Loc. San Giovanni in Galilea

47030 Borghi FC

0541 939028

The Renzi Museum, located in the gorgeous Medieval burg of S.Giovanni in Galilea, is one of Italy’s oldest museums. It is housed in the compound that belonged to the Malatesta dynasty between the 13th and 17th centuries. It was founded by Francesco Renzi and inaugurated in 1879; a few years later the renowned archaeologist, Senator Giuseppe Fiorelli, facilitated its establishment as a charitable trust with the title of Renzi Museum and Library (Royal Decree of March 5, 1885).

Recently restored and re-arranged, it displays valuable collections of proto-historic material (Proto-Villanovian and Villanovian cultures), along with material from the Roman era, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance, in addition to majolica pottery, seals, and fossils. The exhibits are enhanced by illustrated panels and spectacular dioramas.