MUV Museum of the Villanovan Civilization – Castenaso

Via Tosarelli 191

Loc. Villanova

40055 Castenaso BO

051 780021

The MUV Museum of the Villanovan Civilization is located in Villanova di Castenaso, right where in 1853 Count Giovanni Gozzadini, a leading figure on the 19th century cultural scene in Bologna, found the first archaeological remnants related to this culture, which he named Villanovan.

Items on display include the extensive grave goods from the Marano burial site (7th century B.C.), with eight sandstone and limestone funerary steles, the most noteworthy of which is the stele of swords, reflecting the orientalizing style of ancient Greece. It is rectangular in shape, surmounted by a disk and adorned with complex bas-relief decoration.

Soundscapes, video installations, and interactive stations accompany visitors on a journey through the life and rites of the Villanovan culture, and introduce the figures of Count Giovanni Gozzadini and his wife Maria Teresa, who actively participated in her husband’s archaeological adventures.