NatuRa Alfredo Brandolini Natural Science Museum in Ravenna

Via Rivaletto 25

48020 – San’Alberto (RA)

0544 529260

NatuRa, the “Alfredo Brandolini” Natural Science Museum in Ravenna and the Po Delta Park Visitor Centre at the “Pineta San Vitale e Pialasse di Ravenna” station is housed in the Palazzone di Sant’Alberto, an ancient tavern from the Este era that embodies the area’s historic, cultural, and natural characteristics. Located next to the southern Valli di Comacchio, the Museum hosts a rich ornithological collection documenting the local avifauna from the early 20th century until the present day, along with valuable natural history and ethnographic material.

A visit to the museum can be paired with guided tours of the local area on foot, by bicycle, or by electric bus. The museum has a wellequipped learning room, a hall for temporary exhibitions, and a children’s workshop featuring creative games, which is always open during museum hours.