Palazzo Farnese Civic Museums – Piacenza

Piazza Cittadella 29

29121 Piacenza

0523 492661

Palazzo Farnese is a monumental compound that includes Palazzo Ducale dei Farnese, designed by Jacopo Barozzi Barozzi, also known as Il Vignola, and built in 1559, and the 14th century Cittadella built for the Visconti dynasty. Vignola’s grand palace is linked to the older Cittadella by a massive entrance keep; today, it has for the most part been restored in order to house the art collections of the Civic Museums.

The Museums include a historical section on Palazzo Farnese, a hall of arms, a section on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, a section on the Fasti Farnesiani, a section on glassworks and ceramics, an art gallery (with Botticelli’s Tondo), the Museum of Risorgimento, the Museum of Carriages – one of Italy’s most renowned thanks to the size and quality of its collections – and the Archaeological Museum (Prehistory section and the Etruscan Liver of Piacenza).