Palazzo Tozzoni – Imola

Via Garibaldi 18

40026 Imola BO

0542 602609

The building that belonged to the Counts of Tozzoni, whose lives were often intertwined with the city’s history, was donated to the Municipality of Imola in 1978 and is an excellent example of a museum-home. Visits begin with the imposing stairway and continue over three richly furnished and decorated floors.A major painting collection and numerous applied art objects are on display in the rooms, while the cellar features an ethnographic exhibit.

The interplay between the rooms and their furniture highlights the way they were used both as everyday living quarters and status symbols.

The library, with its many books printed between the 16th and 19th centuries, is an integral part of the building, as are the extensive archives, which preserve family, political, and patrimonial documents from the 16th century to the present day