Municipal Art Gallery – Faenza

Via Santa Maria dell’Angelo, 9,

48018 Faenza RA

0546 680251

The oldest museum in Faenza was established in 1797, when the municipality purchased Giuseppe Zauli’s art collection. The collections were augmented by paintings from suppressed churches and convents. In 1879, the collections were exhibited for the first time, autonomously from the School of Drawing founded by Zauli.

The exhibition was staged in the former Jesuit convent, and the collections were further augmented by works from the Congregazione di Carità charity institute, private donations, and a sensible purchasing campaign launched by the then-director F. Argnani, who put together a large collection of local archaeological finds and Faenza majolica pottery, the initial nucleus of the future museum of ceramics. In the 1920s the museum was known almost exclusively as a painting gallery. Currently, the pinacotheque has an antique section and a modern art gallery.