Fortress of Dozza

Piazza della Rocca

40060 Dozza
0542 678240

The Museum is an integral part of the Rocca di Dozza fortress, which was built in the Middle Ages and transformed by Caterina Sforza into a fortified castle; during the Renaissance, two powerful senatorial families, the Campeggi and the Malvezzi, turned it into a nobleman’s residence. The fortress is now a museum-home that offers three different tours: the Medieval and Renaissance fortress, the Renaissance residence, and the 17th century residence. The valuable painting collection, furniture, and historic objects once belonging to the Malvezzi-Campeggi liven up the nine rooms of the piano nobile and the historic kitchen. The Museum also houses the contemporary art collection of the Muro Dipinto (Painted Wall) Study and Documentation Centre, an art show launched 1960 that has turned Dozza into a “painted city”. The ancient wine cellar hosts the Emilia-Romagna Regional Enoteca.